Hip Hop Engineer

Yo yo! My name is Lexington Bowler and I am a recording, mixing, and mastering engineer from Harrisonburg, VA.  Ever since I graduated from James Madison University in 2017 as a Vocal Music Industry Major, I have been obsessed with getting the best vocal sound possible in recording and mixing.  Although I have worked in all genres of music in my six years as an audio engineer, I have gained a specialty in vocal music;  including Hip Hop, RnB, Pop, and Folk/ Singer Songwriter.  Even though I love all of these genres of music deeply, Hip Hop still owns my heart.  I grew up listening to the greats and have always been fascinated in the technical side of Hip Hop records.  This fascination has led to endless hours of listening to and studying music to learn the tricks behind modern production of recorded music.  I always get super involved in people’s music, diving right in and coming up with ideas, suggestions, and moments to make tracks hit hard!  I’d love to be a part of your music! Check out my website to see my portfolio and contact me!