Studio Manager / Hip Hop Producer & Engineer

Lex Bowler started his musical career at an early age, writing music, performing in local bands, and recording demos in his basement.  During his time as a music industry major at James Madison University, Lex found himself walking into Blue Sprocket Sound for a friend’s session and immediately falling in love.  Lex began to learn the ropes of the music industry under the leadership of Chris Jackson, one of the owners of Blue Sprocket Sound, as an intern.  Lex’s passion for small business and music began to show through organization and engineering, landing him a position as studio coordinator, which then developed into studio manager.  On top of managing Blue Sprocket Sound, Lex dove deep into an opportunity to work with Hip Hop artists, creating a name for himself as an engineer in that genre.  Lex’s passion for hip hop is found in the control room, sparking new ideas for artists and pushing them to step out of their comfort zones to make the best music possible.  Lex’s main goal to adapt to each artist individually to give them an opportunity to have their stories be heard.