Studio A, or “The Big Room” is our state of the art studio capable of recording anything from an acoustic guitar and vocal, to a small orchestra.  The recording spaces are wired with multiple mic panel and patching options to and from the main space as well as our four separate isolation rooms for total flexibility.  The control room is fitted with a Rupert Neve designed Amek 9098i console, one of only nine of it’s kind in the US, and one of only a few not residing in a private facility.  We also have a plethora of rack gear including compressors, preamps, equalizers, analogue and digital delays, analogue and digital reverbs, and much more!

In addition to the recording equipment, Studio A also houses the bulk of our collection of instruments.  We have a variety of pianos, vintage and modern keyboards, guitars and amps, and a large collection of drums and percussion.  Studio A is sort of like a sonic playground, just waiting for you to come play!

Equipment Highlights

  • 72 Ch Rupert Neve designed 9098i Console
  • Pro Tools HD Native 12
  • Logic X
  • MCI JH-24 24 Track Analog Recorder
  • Elite Core 16 Ch Private Mixer Cue System
  • Variety of Outboard gear
  • Full access to Mic Locker
  • Full access to our Instrument Collection