Producer / Engineer

An artist and musician at heart, Taylor began his recording career at a young age producing and engineering albums with the equipment his high school job could afford him. In 2015, he stepped into Blue Sprocket Sound as a client to record an album with engineer and owner, Chris Jackson. Building a relationship with Chris and the studio gear, Taylor began assisting on sessions between classes at James Madison University, eventually running his own sessions and transitioning into the role of House Engineer. With a passion for writing and a keen ear for arranging, Taylor offers his skill and background to any project that steps in the control room. Having played and written music in several music projects, Taylor knows the insides and outs of creating a unique and beautiful recording. Since joining the team in 2015, Taylor has engineered projects spanning a vast array of genres. With experience and fervor for every stage of a song’s life, Taylor brings clarity without sterility, understanding that each song has a story and a message. Capturing this story with impact and depth is what Taylor is all about.