Musicians. Audio Geeks. Coffee Addicts. Adrenaline Junkies.

As individuals we’re a bunch of things; but the truth is nothing amazing ever really happens in isolation.  We believe strongly that the best things happen when people collaborate, when the gears mesh and work together to do more than they can on their own.  Thats not just a cute marketing phrase, its a philosophy baked into our name, Blue Sprocket Sound.  Our facilities and equipment are top notch, but its our people who make this a very special place to work.


Studio Manager

A recent JMU grad, pop punk crooner, and local musician, Lexington has engineered acapella groups, hip hop acts, and even his own band. He satisfies his love for organization by helping out as our Studio Manager.



Taylor turned a side comment into a career opportunity. He started as an intern at Blue Sprocket Sound while juggling an already full plate as a band member and full time college student. Now he’s one of our staff engineers.


Mastering Engineer / Owner

Chris is Blue Sprocket Sound’s co-owner and Chief Engineer, with a knack for all things gear and a passion for making you feel like you’re at home in the studio.


Drummer / Co-Owner

Born in Virginia and trained in Nashville before he returned to the Valley to perfect his craft, Travis is the co-owner and a session drummer at Blue Sprocket Sound with a passion for all things outdoors.


Producer/ Engineer/ Director of Education

The wily veteran of the crew, Gordon brings over thirty years of experience to his role as recording engineer, producer, and director of education.


We’re always looking for talented, creative, and driven individuals who want a top notch studio to call home. This isn’t just our living room, we’d like it to be yours too. Interested in seeing how that could work, shoot us an email and let’s talk.